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India Association Bonn

India Association Bonn, (IAB) is a non-profit organisation based in Bonn. This Association is dedicated to Indian cultural activities. About 5000 Indian reside in Bonn and Suburbs of Bonn, primarily occupied in high-tech, engineering, medical, IT-Technology, UN and WHO diplomats and business professions. IAB was planed in the late 1980’s but was established in April 2006. This is the only organisation in the area that represents the Indian cultural activities. IAB is the only link available connecting the Indians back to their roots.

IAB ’s best and biggest event was Depavali Function in 2006. This function was filled with all tastes, sounds and dances from India. This function gave the local community a glimpse of India and its culture, as well as importance of the “Lichter Fest”. 

The main objective of this association is to hold the Indian Community together to their cultural roots and to guide the new generation the different way of life living abroad in two extremely different cultures in a coexistence living. IAB hosts cultural events providing added benefits of sharing our culture with the Bonners.

IAB celebrates several tours to different parts of Europe. In the last years IAB has hosted diverse and interesting events including: Friendship Dinners, Lohri, Deepawali, Dusharra Celebrations, Holi Celebrations, New Year’s Party, Independence Day, various Picnics, various BBQ evenings and many other activities. Beyond the regular functions IAB celebrates Besakhi / Vesakhi and every year.

As the Indian population is growing, the role IAB is playing in the Bonn area will continue to be of great importance. One day our children will be proud of this association to have given them not only the local German language and English language but also given them the cultural necessity their mother tongue Hindi and Punjabi to hold them strongly to their roots.

On 25. August 2007 IAB planed a „Mega Event „ with 4 major Associations “60 Years of Independence of Pakistan and India”. This way they brought 4 associations together and celebrated this event with more
than 1300 guests from all over Germany. This Function ended with “Total Harmony” having guests from different parts of the word.

Since 2007, we have several events in a year. 


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